An important weekly activity without our Discord space are Study Groups.

Currently active study groups

  • Linear Algebra
  • Topics: (tbd)

    Materials: (tbd)

    Format: weekly meet at (tbd)

    Coordinator/s: Turbasu Chatterjee

    Active members: Aniruddha, Tamal, Tilak, Yusharth

    Running since: 2021-Apr-05

  • Quantum Information
  • Topics: (tbd)

    Materials: (tbd)

    Format: biweekly meet on Fridays at 21:00 IST

    Coordinator/s: Akash Kundu

    Active members: Tamal

    Running since: 2021-Apr-13

  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Topics: (tbd)

    Materials: (tbd)

    Format: weekly meet at (tbd)

    Coordinator/s: Rajiv Krishnakumar

    Active members: Tamal, Abhishek

    Running since: 2021-Mar-26

  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Topics: variational algorithms, neural networks, kernel methods, measurement-based quantum computing

    Materials: (tbd)

    Format: weekly meet on Tuesdays at 20:30 IST

    Coordinator/s: Anuj Mehrotra

    Active members: Tamal

    Running since: 2021-Apr-23

  • Computability
  • Topics: artificial general intelligence, reinforcement learning, evolutionary algorithms, pattern recognition, theoretical computer science, etc. in the context of quantum computation

    Materials: (tbd)

    Format: biweekly meet on Wednesdays at 20:00 IST

    Coordinator/s: Tamal Acharya

    Active members: Akash, Aritra, Palash, Turbasu

    Running since: 2022-Jan-10

Archived study groups

  • Quantum Hardware
  • Topics: (tbd)

    Materials: (tbd)

    Coordinator/s: Achintya Paradkar

    Active members: (tbd)

    Status: was active from 2021-Apr-04 to 2022-Feb-16. New session will be announced soon

Discussion forums

Besides focussed study groups, the QIndia Discord platform hosts various active discussion forums where members share articles, news and knowhow.

Some of these are precursors to future Study Groups.

  • Quantum Error Correction
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Sensing
  • Entrepreneurship in Quantum
  • Quantum Communications
Interested in joining a study group or hosting your own? Contact Achintya Paradkar.