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Qoffee with Devika - "Quantum Error Correction and the Clifford Group"

Qoffee with Rijul - "Universal Blind Quantum Computation"

Qoffee with Ludmila - "Quantum State Tomography"

Qoffee with Salini - "Quantum Internet"

Qoffee with Turbasu, Ishman & Arnav - "Detection of glassy dynamics using Quantum Computer"

Qoffee with Ritajit - "Prospects and Challenges of the QAOA"

Qoffee With Aritra - "An interdisciplinary introduction to Quantum Computation"

Qoffee With Achintya - "Macroscopic quantum experiments with superconducting magnetic levitation"

Qoffee with Akash - "Variational Quantum Eigensolver: An Overview"