QIndia was founded by Rishi Sreedhar, as an independent QCousin of the QWorld Association on (add).
Since then, QIndia has grown to be a welcoming platform for quantum professionals and enthusiasts, primarily within India, but also abroad.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for planning and execution of activities towards the long-term vision of QIndia. This includes popularizing QIndia as its official ambassadors, as well as, in the selection of members for the current executive committee. The steering committee members are de-facto members of QSafe.

Achintya Paradkar

Akash Kundu

Ameya Nambisan

Anindya Banerji

Ankit Khandelwal

Aritra Sarkar

Devika Sharma

Jyoti Faujdar

Karthigeyan Ganesh Shankar

Rajiv Krishnakumar

Rijul Sachdeva

Rishi Sreedhar

Salini Karuvade

Sriram Gopalakrishnan

Executive Committee

The executive committee is responsible for the operational activities within QIndia. This includes various research projects, study groups and outreach activities.

  • Rajiv Krishnakumar - QSafe coordinator; quantum-algorithms-101 coordinator
  • Akash Kundu - Qoffee o'clock coordinator; quantum-information-101 coordinator
  • Rijul Sachdeva - Techni-Q coordinator
  • Achintya Paradkar - study-groups coordinator
  • Anuj Mehrotra - quantum-machine-learning-101 coordinator
  • Turbasu Chatterjee - linear-algrbra-101 coordinator
  • Tamal Acharya - computability-101 coordinator
  • Yusharth Singh - website coordinator
  • (name) - (point of contact for)
  • Aritra Sarkar - quantum-machine-learning-101 coordinator
  • Ritaban Chowdhury - website coordinator

Honorary Members

Honorary members are senior academicians and professional within related fields. They endorse our cause and support our activities.
  • (name) - (affiliation)

Participating Members

  • TeXit - bot
  • (name) - (activities involved)

Member List (A-Z)

  • Achintya Paradkar
  • Akash Kundu
  • Ameya Nambisan
  • Aritra Sarkar
  • Rajiv Krishnakumar
  • Rijul Sachdeva
  • Rishi Sreedhar
  • Siddharth Golecha
  • Tamal Acharya
  • (name)